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Pilates with Esther
in the Forest of Dean area
    Beginner - An exciting class for anyone who wants to ‘have a go’ and discover a whole new way of moving. Both men and women find great pleasure in the ‘feel good’ factor this class offers.  
    Matwork - If you want a new body reshaped, rebalanced and realigned a stronger, longer, leaner more mobile body then this class is for you.  
    On The Ball - These sessions combine Pilates moves with the gym ball, this increases balance and core strength.  
    Back Care - These sessions start off with functional mobility, moving on to strength work, then relaxation finishing off with deep stretching exercises, done within your own ability and range of movement.  
    Pilates & Relaxation for Pregnancy - These session uses Pilates principles and will focus on your changing posture throughout pregnancy.  
    Postnatal Pilates With Your Baby - These session uses the principles of Pilates and is aimed at promoting circulation and aiding recovery of the abdominal area, in particular the pelvic floor. | 01452 760 120